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FIONA - looking for a pet home

Fiona is 3 years old. She is completely house trained, loves kids, cats, other dogs, and chickens. She has a terrific personality, and a real sense of humor. She is a unique and special girl. Fiona has had her hair cut in these pictures. We keep it trimmed short because it is easier for her and us, as she does have the type of coat that requires DAILY grooming to keep it in show shape. Fiona has never been bred, and will not be. She has fertility issues, and will be spayed before she goes to her new home. Contact me for more information on Fiona.






Female pup from Ivy's litter last year

ELSA'S puppies - born 8-2-15

Oh, we debated and debated over whether to ever breed Elsa. She is Sharon's absolute FAVORITE, and, while having puppies brings great joy, it can also bring more sorrow. Well, things could not have gone better! Elsa gave birth to three darling tri GIRLS, all born within 30 minutes. She settled into motherhood like a champ, and her puppies are VERY special to us. Their sire is Solitaire, a lovely little blenheim dog, with a Pascavale pedigree.


This beautiful little girl is named  Chloe


and of course, Tallulah ...




Gotta love sleeping babies!


"Bubba" - the male from Ivy's last litter


sleeping babies - all worn out from playing on the floor


3 tri girls, all with perfect masks and blazes, and plenty of white breaking up the color on the body - EXACTLY as the AKC standard calls for


... and her sister, Pippa ...


These three tri girls have been a LONG time coming, and we couldn't be more thrilled with our three little "sprites" - Elsa's three puppies are now in their forever homes. 


Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested in a puppy from a future litter, an adult dog, or a "retiree". Email is preferred.